Your instructor is one of the most important people to help you learn how to drive. They are responsible for creating a positive learning environment and encouraging their students to make safe driving choices.

While you don’t necessarily have to be best friends with your instructor, it helps if they are friendly and easy-going. They should also be able to communicate effectively, especially when providing feedback.


A good instructor will be able to give clear instructions and guide their student through each step of driving confidently. They should also have exceptional communication skills, which is vital when working with a nervous learner. Nobody wants to sit in a small space with an ogre who smells of cigarettes and has a bad attitude while learning a new skill, especially when they’re frightened of being on the road for the first time.

A great instructor will have experience of driving in a range of situations and have a wealth of knowledge to share. This will help them to spot any errors made by their students and explain the reasons why these occurred. The experience of driving instructors will also allow them to teach each skill in a variety of ways which can benefit different learners.

They’ll be able to explain things clearly without sounding boring and use examples that will appeal to different learners. For example, some students might learn better from an instructor who can verbally describe the process, while others might prefer a visual demonstration or even drawing it out. Having a range of teaching methods allows an instructor to provide flexibility for their students and can really help them to progress more quickly.

An excellent instructor will be prepared for the unexpected and won’t get frustrated or annoyed if their student makes mistakes while driving. They’ll know when to take a break, get out of the car and come back in calmly to talk through what happened.

A great instructor will be punctual and organised, as they’ll need to be for each of their lessons. Cancellations, or worse, showing up late for a lesson will be frustrating for both the student and the instructor. An excellent instructor will be ready to make a few sacrifices for the sake of being on time, as they realise that this is important for their students’ success. The same goes for their vehicles, which they should be keeping clean and tidy to keep them looking fresh. Ideally, an instructor will be willing to invest in their vehicle to show that they’re committed to their job.

Communication Skills

The ability to clearly communicate in an engaging, informative manner is a vital skill for instructors. This enables them to effectively instruct students of all backgrounds, empowering them to become confident road-users. In addition, effective communication skills are key to fostering a safe learning environment, an example being a Brooklyn driving school.

Having the ability to verbalize instructions, use physical demonstrations, or draw out driving maneuvers are helpful tools for teaching students with varied learning styles. A good instructor is also able to listen attentively to their students and address their questions or concerns in an effective manner.

When explaining driving concepts, an instructor should be able to give relatable examples, such as explaining the correct distance to keep from following too closely or the importance of scanning the road for potential hazards. They should also encourage an open channel of communication between themselves and their students, ensuring that any confusion is addressed quickly.

A good instructor will be able to stay calm and focused even in stressful situations, such as traffic or bad weather conditions. This is important for ensuring that their students can learn to stay calm and focus under pressure as well.

It’s also a good idea for driving instructors to share personal stories of their own experiences behind the wheel, which humanises the learning process and helps students understand that they are not alone in feeling nervous or incompetent when they first start out.

Additionally, an instructor should be able to identify when their students are struggling and adjust their teaching methods accordingly. For example, if a student is having trouble mastering a particular concept, it may be beneficial to switch up the learning method or provide more practice opportunities for that particular skill. This flexibility in instruction will allow the student to progress quickly while still feeling supported and confident. A great driving instructor is willing to try different ways of teaching their students, based on the individual needs and abilities of each one. It’s this adaptability that enables them to help more students succeed in their driving journey. In fact, a study conducted by the Driving Standards Agency in the UK found that instructors who displayed these qualities had higher pass rates than those who did not.


Learning to drive is a challenging process and it takes time for students to master the skills of operating a motor vehicle. Good driving instructors are patient with their students and can help them overcome any challenges they may encounter during their training. They also make it a point to provide quality instruction to ensure that their students become safe and competent drivers on the road.

The type of environment that a learner driver is exposed to during their lessons can have a big impact on their ability to absorb and remember instructions, so it’s important for an instructor to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. This will encourage learners to ask questions and share any concerns that they might have, which can lead to a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

During their lessons, students are likely to make mistakes, especially in the early stages of their driving career. A good driving instructor will be understanding of these errors and will encourage their students to correct them, without getting frustrated or shouting at them. This will make the student feel supported and confident in their abilities, which will ultimately help them to improve their driving skills.

A good driving instructor will be able to adjust their lessons depending on the individual needs of each student. This will involve starting with easier tasks for students and then progressing to more difficult skills as they gain confidence. They will also be able to recognise when a student is struggling with something and will be prepared to take a step backwards or switch lessons completely in order to address the issue.

Being a driving instructor can be an exciting and rewarding career. It allows you to help people reach a major milestone in their lives, which can be an extremely gratifying feeling. If you are a naturally nurturing person with excellent communication skills and the drive to teach, then this could be the perfect job for you. Just don’t forget to take the time to keep up with your training so that you can continue to offer your students the best possible instruction.


An excellent driving instructor will be able to adapt to the needs of their students. They will be able to provide different instruction methods and present learners with various learning opportunities to enhance their experience and improve retention rates. They will also be able to respond to their student’s questions quickly and effectively.

Every learner driver is different and requires a different approach. An excellent Instructor will be able to recognise this and work with each learner to help them progress at a pace that is comfortable for them. They will understand that it is unlikely for a learner to master defensive driving skills or manoeuvres instantly and should be willing to provide patience and encouragement throughout the process.

The best Instructors are always striving to improve their own skills and knowledge. This is a vital aspect of this role as it allows them to remain fresh and relevant in the industry, ensuring that they can keep up with changes to tests and other requirements that may arise. It also ensures that they can pass this knowledge onto their pupils to give them the best chance of passing their test.

It is also important for driving instructors to be able to build a professional but friendly relationship with their pupils. They will be able to make conversation (when appropriate) and put their pupils at ease during lessons. This will help to make driving lessons enjoyable for learners and ensure that they look forward to each one.

Being a driving instructor can be an extremely rewarding career for those who are passionate about teaching and enjoy being behind the wheel. However, not everyone is suited to this role and it is vital that anyone considering becoming an Instructor takes the time to think about whether or not they are the right fit for the job.

An outstanding driving Instructor will be able to make lessons fun for their students, providing a high standard of customer service in the process. Imagine learning to drive with someone who had a monotonous voice, no sense of humour and was generally miserable to be around – not much fun!