No matter the surface – be it driveway, patio or pool deck – a pressure washer can quickly and effectively clean and remove unsightly stains with long-term results. When used by professionals, results can be exceptional and long-lasting.

When selecting a pressure washing business, ask about their experience and expertise. A good company will possess both knowledge and ability necessary for safely and effectively cleaning various surfaces around your home without risk of injury or damage.

Patios and Decks

While scrub brushes, hoses and soap can do some of the heavy-lifting when it comes to exterior home cleaning tasks, a pressure washer provides much-needed oomph in blasting away accumulated dirt, grime, mildew, mold moss and plant material from driveways and garage floors as well as prepping various outdoor surfaces for staining or painting.

Periodically cleaning patios, decks and other hard outdoor surfaces helps ensure they retain their look longer while also preventing costly damage over time. Plus it makes the experience of spending time outside more enjoyable for you and your guests – though this task should usually be left up to professionals!

Pressure washing can be a dangerous activity when performed incorrectly, so professionals with the appropriate training know how to set and utilize an optimal PSI level for each job, using techniques which reduce damage risk to surfaces like brick, wood, vinyl and concrete. They know how to operate and use commercial-grade gas-powered pressure washers while controlling water flow at all times to avoid damaging materials.

Professional cleaners take special care to select an appropriate method and washer setting for every type of surface – such as wooden decks requiring different methods and washer settings than brick or concrete patios. In addition, they know how to minimize environmental impact by limiting runoff into soil or sewer systems – protecting not only soil but also wild animals and plants that might come in contact with it.

SoftWash pressure washing services for home deck and patio cleaning offer safe, eco-friendly, and effective pressure washing solutions that utilize this non-toxic biodegradable method of gently lifting away contaminants without leaving behind harmful streaks and spots on its surface.

SoftWash makes deck and other structures safer to clean than traditional methods by minimizing the chance that water jets raise soft wood fibers, creating splinters in guests’ feet or hands. Furthermore, this process takes much less time than it would to use a power washer for similar areas of cleaning.


Your roof is one of the most essential components of your home, providing essential protection from wind, rain, and sun while also acting as insulation to lower energy bills. However, over time dirt can build up on it and lead to mold growth which then damages shingles leading to water leaks within your home – regular roof cleaning can prevent these problems and extend their lifespan!

These reputable pressure cleaning contractors in fort lauderdale are used to clean a wide variety of surfaces from brick to stone and is an efficient way to clear away grime and sediment build-up from patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks or decks. While pressure washers may not be able to reach roof surfaces effectively enough, their power could help clean them more thoroughly than any manual technique could ever do!

High-pressure power washing isn’t recommended for roofing as it can damage shingles and cause water seepage into unwanted places like your soffit and siding, such as your home’s soffit or fascia boards. A professional roof cleaner will instead utilize soft washing techniques.

Soft washing utilizes a lower-pressure power washer with cleaning solutions to achieve surface washing. This method allows the cleaning solution to penetrate deep into layers of dirt, dissolving them from within before leaving behind an environment free from harmful contaminants and less likely to damage delicate structures than high-pressure washing.

An effective roof cleaning service begins by inspecting your shingles, gutters and siding to determine their suitability for pressure washing. Once ready to start cleaning your roof they will use ladders and safety harnesses to access those hard-to-reach spots on your roof where moss, mildew, algae or any other forms of organic growth have established themselves. While purchasing your own pressure washer is tempting for DIY purposes it can be dangerous; leaving this task in the hands of professionals ensures safe removal of spores while prolonging the lifespan of your shingles and help extend their usefulness over time – for optimal results they should have their roof cleaned at least twice annually for optimal results!


Siding is one of the key components to any home, providing style and character while also serving practical purposes such as weather protection against extreme conditions like sun/heat/heavy rainfall/mold/mildew growth that may cause structural damage. Therefore, keeping it clean to protect your investment and ensure a flawless appearance of your house.

When it comes to pressure washing siding, the ideal service should employ high-grade detergents that can tackle the toughest dirt and grime effectively. A recommended choice is SUNJOE Heavy Duty Cleaner which has proven its ability to effectively break down oil stains on driveways, mold/mildew build-up on patios/decks/patios and caked-on dirt on surfaces such as garage floors/sheds/carports. With its concentrated formula cutting through grease quickly leaving surfaces looking brand new again.

Not only can the best pressure washing services select an appropriate cleaner, they know how to effectively use their pressure washer as well. After clearing away any objects that could obstruct their work, they’ll start by spraying surfaces at low pressure before increasing it gradually as needed – particularly important when dealing with wooden surfaces that can be damaged from too much water pressure. An experienced technician will know how to adapt their sprayer based on which surface needs cleaning – always starting from lower settings before increasing it as necessary.

Finally, professional pressure washing services take special care to avoid damaging any windows or delicate parts of your house. They’ll carefully clear away dirt or debris build-up around windows before carefully rinsing window sills and frames to leave them free from water marks. In addition, they take extra precautions when clearing gutters clogged with leaves or debris in preparation for winter weather conditions.

Hudson Power Washing stands out as an exceptional professional power washer of home exteriors, driveways, patios and decks. Their staff of licensed, insured professionals boast the Pressure Washing Resource Association seal of approval as they consistently receive positive reviews for their outstanding work ethic and pressure washing abilities.


Gutter systems protect homes from water damage by diverting rainwater away from their foundation, but over time can become stained and clogged with debris. A professional pressure washer can clean out gutters to bring them back to looking like new and prevent further damage to your home.

An exterior that’s covered with dirt not only reduces its aesthetic appeal, but more importantly provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and vermin that could cause illness in those who reside or work within your building. Pressure washing helps eliminate bacteria while creating an environment less friendly to pests – and ultimately safeguarding the health of you, your friends, family members, employees.

When searching for a pressure washing business, look for one with top-of-the-line equipment and extensive experience. Additionally, ensure they offer guarantees and stand by their work; additionally check if their insurance covers any potential damages during cleaning operations.

if you decide to undertake pressure washing yourself, make sure that you assemble and operate the machine according to manufacturer’s instructions. When cleaning, wear safety glasses and gloves in order to reduce splashback or debris ricocheting off surfaces during the cleaning process. It is also wise to have an adequate ladder for reaching high areas in your home as well as plenty of detergent and fuel for use with gas-powered pressure washers.

Once your cleaning process has been completed, inspect your home for signs of damage or areas needing additional work. If there are any areas you are uncertain of or require help assessing, contact a local professional pressure washing service for advice; they can identify the source of the issue and offer solutions.

Hiring a professional pressure washing service is an affordable way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and increase its property value. A properly maintained exterior is more inviting for potential buyers and can increase property values as a whole. By investing a bit of effort and time now, your house could soon become a showpiece; plus a clean exterior could even prevent costly repairs later!