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Our Latest Adventures throughout the world


Here’s a Look at the latest Fun we’ve Been having Around the World, Along with some drinks, Resorts and Exotic food we’ve been tasting!


Gorgeous Sunset Beach and Sundown at Dusk! This was one of our More Memorable evenings!

Taco bar

Fun little taco & dive bar We found on the Beach! Really enjoyed ourselves here!

beach front view

Here’s are great view from a Beach Top Bar over looking our stay at a hotel/resort!

Our guides & vacations

Here’s a small glimpse of some tours and Guides you can enjoy if your going to Go Wine or Beer Tasting Throughout the World – Places like Germany and Europe are known for excellent Scenery and good eating!


The World’s Most Expensive Beers

Beer is a refreshing treat to many people all over the world. There is nothing better than sipping on a cold beer after a hard day’s work. It is a drink which is loved for its taste, and it also does not make you an alcoholic. Beer is relatively cheap when compared to...

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The Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

Craft beer is produced by craft brewers who are usually small independent brewers and they are mostly community minded. They make high-quality beer as they are very much involved in the process of making beer. Most of you complain about paying a lot of money for craft...

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