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Our Latest Adventures throughout the world


Here’s a Look at the latest Fun we’ve Been having Around the World, Along with some drinks, Resorts and Exotic food we’ve been tasting!


Gorgeous Sunset Beach and Sundown at Dusk! This was one of our More Memorable evenings!

Taco bar

Fun little taco & dive bar We found on the Beach! Really enjoyed ourselves here!

beach front view

Here’s are great view from a Beach Top Bar over looking our stay at a hotel/resort!

Our guides & vacations

Here’s a small glimpse of some tours and Guides you can enjoy if your going to Go Wine or Beer Tasting Throughout the World – Places like Germany and Europe are known for excellent Scenery and good eating!


Self-Care Tips For Better Health and Overall Wellness

Self-care is an important aspect of your overall wellness. It can help you reduce negative emotions, improve your sex life, and decrease stress levels. But there are also other benefits that you can reap when you start to practice self-care. Here are some self-care...

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Things You Need to Know About Bitcoin Breakout

In the market, what is considered a "breakout" is a price move above a certain support level or channel line. In the case of Bitcoin, it means the price has broken through the channel line at a particular point. When the price moves above the channel line, it is...

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3 Reasons to Get a New Home Construction Inspection

If you're considering buying a new home, it may be important to hire a third party to perform a new home construction inspection. Building codes and building departments are designed to ensure reliable construction, but there's a huge gray area between best practices...

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The Interesting History of How Neon Signs Came to Be

The history of neon signs can be divided into several segments. First, we will discuss the importance of neon signs by Neon Mama for advertisements. After that, we will discuss the role played by Sir William Ramsay and Georges Claude in the creation of neon signs....

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