Turn your backyard into the ultimate studio this spring. Whether you need a home office, exercise room or special zen space, this backyard upgrade adds livable space without the mess and expense of a home remodel or addition. Shed living has some modern and functional garden studios waiting for you this spring!

Freelance motion designer Vendrolini started his studio search by considering prefab studios, but site logistics and costs fast-tracked his plan to a greenhouse shed. He has found that the secluded workspace helps him thrive.

Rolling Storage Cart

When it comes to storing art supplies, having a portable storage solution is essential. A rolling cart allows you to easily transport your materials from room to room, keeping them neat and organized. This simple DIY project is perfect for a weekend and can be customized to fit your needs. Store jars with paint brushes, construction paper, and glue sticks on this handy storage cart to keep your workspace clean and organized.

Freelance motion designer Philippe Vendrolini envisioned a backyard studio shed since he first started working from home. But the addition of two children significantly reduced available workspace in his house and brought on ambient noise, speeding up his search for a creative retreat. He turned to a detached backyard shed from Studio Shed and found just what he needed.

The quaint design of this backyard shed is a welcome change from the typical garage or basement studio space. It also provides plenty of natural light, which helps boost productivity. And the backyard location means he can enjoy his favorite outdoor activities without the distractions of a busy household.

Adding windows to a backyard studio is another way to improve productivity. The natural lighting will make it a more welcoming workspace and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Plus, the windows will allow you to view the changing seasons in your backyard and inspire your next creative projects.


The fun magnet DIYs in this collection are great for a weekend project and also make for thoughtful gifts. They’re easy to attach to a fridge or any other magnetic surface, whether at home or work. Try turning a few plastic animal toys into cute magnets to use as a teaching tool with kids, or turn old baby jar lids into an inspiring display for family photos. You can even create some cool, artistic magnets with decorative tape and clothespins.

If you’re looking to organize your workspace, consider a rolling storage cart to hold jars of paint brushes, construction paper and glue sticks. This creative studio storage idea allows you to keep your supplies organized and frees up desk or shelf space. It’s easy to move the cart around too, so you can bring your creativity wherever you need it.

Using air-dry clay and an ink pad(or watercolor paint), you can make some really beautiful, handmade magnets to give to friends or family. These magnetic DIYs would look great in any of our magnetic dollhouses. You can also make these cool polaroids from Instagram or a photo-editing software program, then put them on clothespins with magnets for a cute DIY gift. Or, turn your Pantone chip book into a colorful magnet to show off your favorite colors. You can also use air-dry clay to make some colorful salt dough magnets, or use a mini cookie cutter and stamps to make sweet, kid-friendly ones that are perfect for a fridge.

Wine Rack

A wine rack is a great way to store bottles of your favorite vino, but it can also make a stylish wall decoration. Rather than buying one of the many wine racks available for sale, you can easily make your own DIY project using materials such as copper tubing and wood. The result will be a beautiful and unique piece of decor that can serve a functional purpose in your home.

For a more rustic look, you could use reclaimed wood to create a tabletop wine rack that fits your home décor. This wooden design will fit perfectly on any countertop or table, and it can hold multiple bottles at once. This is a creative idea that will look great in any kitchen or dining room.

Another great option is to turn a wine rack into a display for your plants. You can choose from a variety of different types of plants, but succulents are the most popular because they are hardy and easy to care for. You can even create a whole wall of them if you are ambitious enough.

If you like to do some arts and crafts in your spare time, a wine rack is an excellent storage solution for all of your supplies. You can store things such as colored pencils, markers, and paint brushes in the little slots in the wine rack. This is a great way to keep your crafting space clean and organized, and it will make it much easier to find the supplies you need when working on a project.

A wine rack can be used to store all sorts of other items as well. You can use it to store your favorite wine, or you can add a small tray at the bottom of the wine rack to hold any loose items such as keys and coins. You can also use a wine rack to store your beauty tools, such as a hair dryer or curlers.


Pegboards aren’t just for the garage; they can also be used in bedrooms, living spaces, and home offices. With a little creativity, these multipurpose boards can be transformed into a dazzling organizing tool that solves a million tiny household woes.

For example, this DIY pegboard jewelry display organizer, created by Sugar Bee Crafts, adds a pop of color to any bedroom. It’s easy to make, too — just frame a pegboard panel in a simple rustic frame and add colorful tissue paper flowers for a striking effect. The resulting display is both functional and beautiful, freeing up counter space for other things.

You can also use pegboards to organize small items like jars and cans, which you can then hang from the board or place on shelves. Then, when you need to grab a paintbrush or marker, the tools are right where you want them. You can even create a colorful, reusable DIY marker storage system by tying plastic or glass jars to a pegboard with zip ties.

Another way to use a pegboard is for an organizational nook for gardening. Here, a pegboard was turned into an attractive potting station where the homeowner keeps all of her garden tools and supplies, such as fertilizer, water, gloves, and pots. The pegboard was painted with rainbow colors for a whimsical yet practical touch.

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, consider adding a pegboard shelf to your studio. You can hang a small shelf below the pegboard and use it to display decorative objects, like this adorable planter full of succulents that’s shown on Thistlewood Farms. This shelf can also be a great spot for a clock. You can use wooden pegs to hold the shelves in place, but you could also opt for a magnetic shelf.


There are endless things you can do with empty jars. Obviously you will need to clean and sterilise them first – either stick them in the dishwasher or dunk them in hot, soapy water to remove any sticky labels – but once they’re ready for reuse, the possibilities are truly endless.

For crafters, a jam jar lid can make an easy and convenient pencil sharpener (just screw on the lid and use it like you would any other sharpener). If your kids have been doing some arts and crafts, pop all their bits and pieces in one of the jars to keep everything tidy and organised. You can even line up a few of them with flowers for an instant and simple centerpiece at your next party.

If you’re into gardening, you can turn your empty jars into beautiful lanterns that will light up any outdoor space. Just nail down a few special support units to your fence and then attach your jars with wire. It’s a gorgeous way to add some ambiance to your garden on a summer evening.

A mason jar can also be used as an advent calendar. Simply number each jar and glue them to a piece of wood or any other hard surface. Check out Studio DIY for printable labels that can help you get started.

Another idea is to produce scaled-down copies of your favourite photos and pop them into a mason jar. The result is really charming and will look great in any home.