Are you ready to elevate your RV camping experience? Consider investing in luxury RV upgrades; these investments can enhance the comfort and resale value of your rig.

Tire air pressure monitoring systems offer real-time data on the condition of your tires, helping save money by avoiding expensive repairs and providing safety when your air levels run low. They’re an indispensable RV accessory, providing vital data when tires need air.

Leveling Blocks

RV leveling blocks are essential tools for anyone traveling with a trailer. They help maintain level parking spots at campsites with sloped or uneven grounds; otherwise, unevenness could damage equipment and diminish overall enjoyment.

The best RV leveling blocks should be easy and cost-effective to use, while still meeting your trailer’s weight requirements over time. Anderson Camper Levelers provide just such an efficient option, boasting simple operation with a sleek appearance that’s great for single and dual axle trailers alike; additionally, these high-performing levelers are made to withstand considerable amounts of weight without faltering.

Leveling Blocks are another reliable choice. Their interlocking design enables you to stack them at various heights for custom leveling needs, and are made of tough yet flexible plastic able to withstand pressure and abuse without breaking. Plus, they come complete with a convenient carrying handle for transport or storage purposes.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are RV leveling blocks under $25 available that you can purchase to quickly level your RV. These blocks are perfect if renting an RV, or just looking for something cheap and quick.

Once you have purchased RV leveling blocks, it is important to understand how best to utilize them. First step in using them correctly should be assessing how uneven your trailer is; use either a bubble level or wireless leveling system. After this has been determined, use RV leveling blocks strategically placed throughout your trailer until leveled completely – then drive slowly over them until leveled fully!

Drinking Hose

As an RVer, investing in a drinking hose and a camping tablecloth should be one of your top priorities. It connects to your water tank and supplies clean, fresh water for showering, cooking and other essential tasks.

The best RV drinking hoses are constructed to last and come equipped with features that enhance durability and safety, such as machined metal threads with spring-reinforced ends for secure connections to water sources. In addition, they tend to be kink-free and easy to maneuver – like Camco TastePURE which boasts four feet of drinking-water safe hose. To give an example, Camco’s TastePURE features non-taste imparting 4 foot of drinking hose threads connected via metal spring-reinforced spring-reinforced ends to ensure secure connections to water sources such as Camco TastePURE has machined metal threads connected by spring-reinforced ends to provide reliable connections from their source to you water source.

Another option is ah 50 feet long non-torsion system to prevent twists, tangles and kinks without losing flexibility. Plus it’s drinking-water safe thanks to nickel-plated fittings that resist corrosion for added peace of mind and ensure clean drinking water!

Kink-free hoses are essential components of an RV, especially if traveling through cold climates. Kink-free hoses will remain less likely to freeze when temperatures drop, maintaining their shape more easily for easier use. Many come equipped with built-in storage devices such as reels or bags for ease of access when needed.

Cell phone signal boosters are another essential RV accessory. By giving you access to strong signals in remote areas, these boosters allow you to stay in contact with loved ones and work while travelling – an investment which will make life on the road much simpler and convenient.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is one of the essential tools you’ll need for RV living, serving as an essential emergency tool when flat tires arise and keep you moving safely and efficiently while dealing with them. A 12-volt battery-powered air compressor makes the perfect companion when traveling or keeping in your RV to quickly inflate tires as soon as needed.

Find an air compressor with an impressive CFM rating – which measures how much air can be produced per minute – that allows for quicker inflating of tires and other inflatables. The higher its CFM is, the faster inflation becomes possible.

Choose an air compressor with a long fill hose and an easy-to-read pressure gauge with backlight for easier viewing of results. Furthermore, portable RV air compressors that feature automatic shutdown when reaching inflation PSI should prevent overfilling and tire damage while driving.

At the end of your RV adventure, the last thing you want to worry about is spending hours trying to fix a flat tire. Therefore, it is wise to keep a spare on hand in case an incident arises so you can quickly get back on the road. An air compressor is an invaluable asset for this purpose and should also power tire irons, inflators and other air tools on board your RV.

Consider whether or not you want a portable air compressor that you can take camping trips with, or prefer an installed system in your RV or tow vehicle. When making this choice, look for durable compressors with sturdy handles that make them easy to move around.


Be it long distance travel or local sightseeing, having a TV in your RV is essential to staying entertained and up-to-date on news as you travel between towns. RV televisions are designed specifically to withstand life on the road and often feature features not available with standard television sets such as built-in media players or multiple HDMI inputs; smaller sizes also help them fit snug spaces easily while some come complete with mounting hardware for quick installation.

As you shop for an RV TV, take into account your content viewing needs and power requirements when making a selection. Some are powered by 12-volt battery power while others use regular plug-in connections; make sure your camper can accommodate whatever TV model you select! Also keep screen size and viewing angle in mind when choosing models.

Note that RV TVs typically come with higher power ratings than regular ones due to being installed in moving vehicles and thus exposed to moisture, temperature changes, vibrations and other physical conditions that wouldn’t impact regular TVs as strongly.

Dependent upon your budget, an RV television may range from an inexpensive model that delivers basic features to more advanced units with additional benefits. Some models feature built-in wireless connections so you can stream live TV shows, movies, music from platforms such as Philo, Sling TV and YouTube TV; others provide USB/SD card input so that digital content from USB or SD cards can be watched directly on a large screen TV screen.

Entertainment System

RV entertainment systems are one of the essential pieces of equipment in any camper, helping keep travelers entertained on long road trips and making camping feel like more of a home away from home. The top RV entertainment systems feature multi-zone audio, subwoofers and even high-quality displays with remote controls for added convenience.

A multi-source RV stereo is an ideal solution for those who wish to stream music and podcasts directly through mobile devices, including phones or tablets. Easily connecting to either device allows it to support numerous file formats while its auxiliary input allows easy playback of your favorite tunes. Plus, its Bluetooth capabilities allow for accepting phone calls without taking your hands off the wheel!

RVs already may include stereo systems, but upgrading can provide even greater levels of entertainment. An RV audio system with subwoofer can give EDM fans an extra kick; multi-zone systems offer even greater options – many support external inputs while some even come equipped with exterior speakers for listening to music outdoors!

When selecting an RV entertainment system, look for one with HDMI ARC support – this feature enables audio and video signals to travel over one cable, making your RV less cluttered and more organized.