Whether they’re pre-readers or seasoned chapter book readers, books ignite children’s imaginations and inspire curiosity. You can get your son a ring for EID, or a fun no-toy gift like an amazing bucket list scratch off poster or try a monthly book subscription box tailored to their age.

Minecraft fans will delight in an enchanting dragon that lights up, makes sounds and more. It even comes with a mini figure of their favorite character.

1. Climbing Wall

Children are born climbers, and this unique gift encourages their physical development and self-confidence. Kids who regularly practice climbing will learn how to overcome challenges both on and off the wall, honing their focus, concentration and patience.

A traverse climbing wall features easy-to-grasp handholds shaped like 10 cool critters to make it kid-friendly and fun. It’s ideal for young kids, early learners with coordination and developmental challenges or those who simply love to climb!

2. Interactive Toys

The best toys do more than pique kids’ curiosity and engage their attention; they also promote learning. Whether you’re shopping for a fun, educational toy to boost a toddler’s language skills, a tech gift that enhances STEM knowledge, or a plush friend that doubles as a pillow, there are plenty of unique options.

For example, a Bing fire truck from Little Tikes is sure to delight fans of the popular TV show. With lights and sounds, it will inspire hours of imaginative play.

A wooden latch board looks like a puzzle but helps children learn language (with a different animal behind each door), counting, fine motor skills as they latch and unlatch the doors, and problem-solving as they try to connect the pictures. Another cool option is a glow-in-the-dark drawing table that lets them draw on top of images that light up and change color.

3. Books

A fresh pad of paper and new stationery is a no-brainer gift for any kid (and their parents, too). Whether they use it to write thank-you notes or a diary for confiding in friends, they’ll be excited to open the box and start creating.

Budding scientists can get hands-on with a set that includes experiment cards that encourage them to learn as they play. Unlike some STEM toys, these experiments are safe and easy to understand.

If your kids have a hard time staying motivated to read, a bucket list scratch off poster might just give them the extra push they need to pick up a book. Each scratch-off square reveals a classic children’s book that they can add to their reading list. Plus, we love how it’s so stylish, too! It will look great hanging in their room.

4. Dolls

If you know a child who loves dolls, this gift is sure to delight them. A set features a diverse array of dolls designed to promote cultural awareness and pride in children.

Kids in this age group love challenges, so a puzzle is a great way to keep them occupied and focused! One features a unique design that will be a welcome addition to any desk in their room.

A solar robot is a perfect gift for kids in this age range because it teaches them about the power of renewable energy. This kit is also a fun and interactive way to learn about the 118 elements on the periodic table. It’s also a great way to improve their fine motor skills! This one is a wonderful option because it uses a reversible sequin surface, so they can make cool designs or change the color to match their mood.

5. Music

For children who love to dance and play music, a VTech Rock & Bop Music Player will have them singing and dancing in no time. It’s also educational and teaches music, letters, numbers, animals, and instruments.

Especially for kids in the 6-9 age range who are starting to develop a sense of longer time periods, a new calendar is a great gift. It can be a fun way to learn about their favorite animals, the countries they’re visiting on vacation, or the birthdays of friends.

A jewelry making kit is a wonderful gift for girls who are eager to create and give away. They’ll enjoy creating their own unique pieces to compliment each other and their friends, teaching the virtue of generosity. Also, a set comes with a jewelry box to keep their creations in! Finished pieces make wonderful keepsakes.

6. Puzzles

No kid ever tires of putting together puzzles. They help develop reasoning and problem-solving skills, build hand-eye coordination, and encourage spatial awareness.

For the kids that love drawing, give them a gift that makes it easy for them to draw with confidence and improve their skills with a light up tracing pad. It has a paper-locking frame that illuminates illustrations under the drawing sheet so they can trace and fill them in.

Pretend play sets like a doctor kit or kitchen set encourage role-playing and social skills. Kids that are interested in science can delight in a fun microscope to explore our world through its lenses. And if you have a little astronomer on your hands, they’ll go bonkers for a solar system kit. It comes with everything they need to make their very own constellations.

7. Painting

Kids love to make their own mark on the world – and this painting idea lets them do just that. They can personalize the colors, mane and tail of a unicorn and use glitter glue to add sparkle!

Combine art and science by giving children a bucket full of paint they can swing around. The pendulum bucket is easy to construct and has a lot of potential for creating fun designs.

Help kids create an Impressionist masterpiece with an easy Claude Monet painting. Using masking tape as an outline, kids can dab color on the paper to recreate the famous “Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies.” They can even compare their work with Monet’s original paintings to learn more about the artist and his techniques.

8. Art Supplies

Kids love to decorate and personalize their space so giving them a unique addition to their room will elicit smiles. A fun way to do that is with a personalized activity book that sends them on a search for their illustrated self.

Building blocks are timeless toys that help develop problem-solving and motor skills. A set has a modern twist: the blocks are magnetic and click together easily.

Give the budding artist on your list some high-quality art supplies that will inspire them. Start with a beginner’s kit geared toward younger children, then add these beautiful beeswax crayons or a natural bleed tissue paper that makes suncatchers and collage fun. And don’t forget to stock up on extra scissors — they always disappear when kids are creating!

9. Photography

Kids love to take photos – so why not give them their very own camera? A kids camera is durable enough to survive a few drops and lets them capture memories while learning photography basics.

Whether it’s an X-ray kit or a glow slime science kit, hands-on activities foster creativity and imagination. Gifting them with a DIY kit like this also encourages the value of sharing, as the completed creations can be given to friends and family as gifts.

A calendar helps kids develop a sense of timing and gives them something to look forward to, such as upcoming vacations, a friend’s birthday or school events. If they’re getting older and want to start exploring the outdoors on their own, a kids adventure watch can help them stay safe and is equipped with GPS tracking. It also includes 25 parent-managed contacts and a step counter.

10. Gift Cards

For older kids, a gift card for a class like dance, horseback riding, or music lessons encourages their passions and can be a very unique gift. Likewise, a night out for a restaurant or a game that requires a lot of brain power and concentration can be a fun experience for kids to enjoy one-on-one with a loved one.

A slumber party or campout can be a magical experience for kids to share with friends, especially when you add a tent and sleeping bags. A kid-friendly s’mores kit can add to the excitement, and a portable pillow fort makes it easy for kids to sleep off their adventure in style. For the kids that love to craft and make things, an art or slime subscription box is a fun way to keep creativity alive all year long.