Drinking and driving is a plague by the tragedies it generates, no need to say it, everyone knows it. Finally, this is what we tend to think and yet!

Even today several individuals will die in France because of an opera or a party too watered. One does not imagine that a glass or two will lead some people all right in a cold and gloomy place in the basement of a hospital. Then you end up needing to hire a DUI lawyer in Philadelphia for legal troubles.

remains to educate and inform the young and the less young, to make people aware and especially to the youth that drinking is above all a moment of conviviality that must remain a simple pleasure and that like all things, it is necessary to be able to show Moderation.What lives and hopes wasted by this damned bottle, are thousands of lives destroyed every year in the hexagon. So maybe we should ban alcohol, but we know it would have no positive effect, on the contrary.

Consuming without moderation and abundance as do some teams of young men and young women, so-called binge drinking is a way to take an express and to end up in the chaos ethyl the More total. A recent social phenomenon in young people, binge drinking can lead to death via ethyl coma, cause irrational behavior and leave irreversible sequelae in the body.

Some of these young people sometimes end up driving a rugged car that resulted in the death of innocent people, ravaged by foolishness and unconsciousness.

A useful accessory for responsible drivers is the éthylostest, which allows to know immediately if one is able to take the steering wheel and thus to extricate itself from the responsibility of having caused a road accident involving any blood alcohol.

These breathalyzers are nowadays very reliable, most are electronic, they offer the advantage of being reusable several times, and this is also the best way to avoid positive control at the wheel.